How does a normal PC .exe file differ from a valid, atom .exe file?

How does a normal PC .exe file differ from a valid, atom .exe file?

Hi, I'm just looking into this app creation process. Suppose I have a PC exe file that wasn't written in C but is one single standalone exe that runs under Windows, connects to nothing - no advets, no callbacks, no going to the internet and connecting to anything, and is self contained in just one exe file which requires no extra runtime or anything like that. **Usefulness aside**, lets say it displays a window in the middle of he screen with the word "Hello" and a close button. I take this exe, wrap it up in an MSI installer and submit? Would that be likely to work? Thanks michael.
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The application you describe would not pass the validation process because it does not include the AppUp SDK. The AppUp SDK exposes authorization methods to ensure that your app/game is not pirated and allow it to work in the AppUp store. Additionally, there are certain provisions that must be made in both the app/game and the MSI installer. These links provide greater detail on that subject:


Thanks for the information. Like starting to learn anything new, my thinking through this is like swimming in treacle at the moment.

The application in question is a Zinc-Flash exe. I have the baKno games files/information but a part of me was thinking my original
question. Now I know why not. I'll go back to the bakNo games docs and see how to figure out where to go from here.



If you need any assistance please don't hesitate to ask.

On a related note, there is a lively collection of developers here in the community that are constantly pushing the envelope. If you have an idea, someone here will likely come up with a solution to get your app (regardless of programming language or library) into AppUp.

Hi Brian,

Thanks. Which forum do you think would be the most appropriate to ask in?
I'm trying to avoid AIR if I can just go down the Zinc-Flash route, but perhaps with
it being Flash related, that might be the best place anyway.

I have about 30+ flash games I've written over the last few years and I'm keen
to explore other revenue streams such as the AppUp store for my existing code.



The Support Forum is the best place for that question. However since this thread is started, may as well keep it. Most community members browse through a majority of the forums.

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