The app installs and launches natively but not from within AppUp.

The app installs and launches natively but not from within AppUp.

Two of my applications have been rejected for this reason: Test Results for Windows XP "Application does not download or install from AppUp. The app installs and launches natively but not from within AppUp. The most common issue observed in this area has to do with properly advertised shortcuts within the .msi ." It would be nice to know, if the installation from Windows7 works. To know what ist working and what ist not working. I would like to know it because I tested it in Betastatus only on W7 and it works fine. So if it installs and launches natively on XP. -> Tested in validation. and It is working with AppUp on Windows7. -> Tested in BetaStatus. I have no idea what could be the problem on XP. Is it just the operating system or the installer or perhaps an AppUp issue? Can some give me more information?
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Hi Fabian,

Generally, if you have an application that is for both Windows XP and Windows 7, we recommend that you beta test it on both operation systems to make sure there are no issues.

It has to be noted that the shortcuts/targets are different on Windows XP and Windows 7. Also you need to make sure that the application does not require any other additional files to run on XP. If the app require any additional files or dlls, you need to provide these files in the setup of the application.

Please can you beta test the application on Windows XP and see what is exactly causiut the issue. You may need to review the advertised paths/targets in the msi installer.

More information on validation failures can be found on these links below:

If you are still in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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DG Rooven

Hi Rooven,

thanks for your fast reply. Of course I should have tested it on both. My fault.
But if I would have the information that it is working on W7 it would be very easy just to remove XP as operating system.

That would fast up the valdation, even more if the validator could remove XP.

But now I know and will have an eye on it.

Kind regards,

Just one thing makes me wonder...

If the application could be installed and launched natively, why did not AppUp get it right?
If there is a problem with the paths or missing assemblies, there should be a problem natively, too.

Am I wrong?


This link explains the most common cause of this type of validation failure:

To sum it up, AppUp calls your applications executable using a different value than expected for the Startup Path property.

How this affects us as developers, is that we have a tendancy to assume that any resources will be available in the applications startup path, which in this case would be an incorrect assumption leading to uncaught exceptions or unexpected behavior. Please have a look at the link above and let me know if you have any difficulties.

Yes I already read the links. That's not the reason I'm posting.

My reason is the difference between XP and Windows7.
Could it be that it is working with AppUp and Windows7 and not with AppUp adn XP?

If the app has been rejected for the XP issue.
Does that mean:

1. Windows7 is working
2. Both is not working
3. XP is not working and therefor Windows 7 has not been tested?


From my experience; In cases where validation fails for both Windows XP and Windows 7, one should expect to see an error report for each OS. Should only one OS fail validation, one should expect to see only one error report. This has been the case for my applications.

I would suggest that you reply to the validation results asking for clarification.

If it is just for one OS, I am little bit confused...

Because this would mean that AppUp on XP is treating the .msi on a other way like AppUp does on Windows7???

So I will clarify it, at latest after the submission only on Windows7 fails, too.


Because Windows XP and Windows 7 are considerably different, the same MSI may fail on one and not the other. Most notably is the use of the UAC in Windows 7. Have beta tested your MSI on both operating systems?

As I wrote above:
I did not but the validator told me that the app is installing and running natively on XP.

So it could not be the UAC or any other difference between XP and W7. (Of course XP and W7 are considerably different...)
The .msi is working on both.
As installation is working with AppUp and Windows7, there is no problem with paths and assemblies.
(Expecting AppUp is doing the same on XP and W7)

What else could be a reason?


There are a number of reasons, the most probable you have explored already.

The next step would be to beta test locally using Windows XP to expose the root cause. You may even go as far as submitting a debug build to which you can attach your debugger if needed. Please refer to these links for further detail:

Ok, thanks for the links.
Hope to find the reason soon.

Please let me know how it progresses, I am happy to help.

I have a same problem. Reason is "ILU01 - Application install: Fail"

My two last apps has been rejected with a same reason. I have no ideas what is wrong because MSI package is correct. I think something wrong with validation process.

At first time (week ago) i was think - ok, maybe my mistake, but now im sure, something wrong with the validation procedure.

I install submitted package localy, shortcuts created correctly, all files installed correctly, app launchs and calling appup service with correct GUID. All is fine.

Please ask your validators to check my MSI package again.

Hi Dmitry and Fabian,

Thank you all for yor reply and comments.
I will ask somebody from the validation team to provide you some assistance.
Please can you give us the application names.


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DG Rooven

Mine is "Bubble Art"

Mine is "A+FileRename", but I removed XP now from validation in second effort just to look if it helps.

Fabian, Dmitry,

Thank you for the information.
I have forwarded a request to validation team. Somebody from the team will get back to you shortly.


Intel AppUp(SM) Center
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program

DG Rooven


We just check my app with Norman, my application works fine on both Windows versions, packadge is correct. He said this can be MSI corruption issue.
How i can be sure what my MSI uploaded correctly at this time? What after another two weeks of awaiting for validation my app will not be rejected with the same issue?

Hello Dmitry,

don't mind, they rejected some of my applications for that reason, too. :-(

After Norman said that there are no problems with them and I resubmitted the same binary again, all passed except one (here I'm still waiting for about a week for the result of validation).

Best regards

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