AppUp Centre Beta Testing

AppUp Centre Beta Testing

I have submitted a new updated version of my game, now at V1.5, and I am currently at the 'optional' beta stage. I have a second AppUp account for testing, which I used a while ago to download the original V1.0 of my game. I un-install this and then reset the netbook, and return to AppUp store. When I look for the game, the description shows V1.0 and there is absolutely no indication that the version I am downloading is the beta version. The version still shows V1.0 in the app description. It would be useful if any apps that are currently part of the beta test show the submitted version number and highlight the fact it is a BETA app (to re-assure us developers that we are testing our latest app in the beta phase, and not a previous version which already works). Just a thought :)
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Are you sure you are actually downloading the new version? Did you have a feature you could check?

I only ask as I had a problem Beta testing an App I had already tested previously. It was not possible to 're-test' an App...

It would be nice to know that this error has been fixed (even if the wrong version number is displayed!).

Steve (aka. baxslash)

In my latest test, once I un-installed the old app and then download the new app (while it was in the AppUp beta phase), the latest version was download which shows the right app is being delivered, but there is no indication it is a beta version and the version number is definitely wrong. Also I am pretty sure that the latest version will not appear until you in-install the old one. I un-installed from the Control Panel, so did not try the un-install from App Up. I think if this process was cleaned up a little, making it compulsory during the initial submission (though not for updates), will reduce the work-load for the AppUp validators, and give developers a better insight into the other issues that can affect their apps.

Agreed, the process needs tidying up. I also found it was easier to re-submit an App for validation than it was to cancel a submission (which turned out to be impossible to do before it was through validation) which meant the validation team had to validate an App I knew was faulty and had told numerous people at Intel was faulty, then re-validate the fixed version two weeks later.

A simple "Cancel Validation" button which tags the msi as cancelled should do the trick surely?

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