Need required about using intel-vt into guests (nested)

Need required about using intel-vt into guests (nested)

Hi, i'm creating a hypervisor based on Intel-vt extensions, each VM must be able to have it's own hypervisor with Intel-vt (i don't have choice).

The probleme is to use a hypervisor into a VM with Intel-VT require to be in root-operation to perfectly use virtualization instructions such as VMCALL, VMREAD ... But each vm-exit will only give control to the first hypervisor.

So the sub-monitor will never be used.

How can i do that ? Is nested virtualization with Intel-VT is realy possible without modifying guest ?

Thanks a lot.

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I found a section "Handling Boundary Conditions in a Virtual Machine Monitor" in the guide that I provided the link below that may give you some hints.

Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual

Volume 3C: System Programming Guide, Part 3


My colleague mentions that you can look intothe source code from for an example of the nested virtualization.

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