Systems with TXT/TPM support

Systems with TXT/TPM support


We tried to install tboot and we always get IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL_MSR = 9 so the bit locked is fixed at 1.
We have a DQ45CB and we updated the latest BIOS version (0129). IIt
is supposed to support TPM,TXT and VT-d.
We are using the ACM Q45_Q43_SINIT_19.BIN and the latest version of tboot (20101005).

How can we provide the BIOS to change the IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL_MSR to enable SMX?


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This platform does support TXT and has beentested(though not with that specific BIOS version).

Make sure youhave enabled both the TPM and TXT in the BIOS. Also, be sure topowercycle the system after enabling themto ensure the settings take effect. After doing so,go back in to the BIOSand confirm that both are set.

David Ott

I confirm that TXT and TPM are both set in the BIOS.

You should alsoconfirm that VT-d and VT are set in the BIOS. Is it so?

An engineer working with me was able confirm that it works correctly -- as long as TXT, TPM, VT-d, and VT are correctly enabled in the BIOS setup.

David Ott

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