Intel Modular MFSYS25, MFS5520VI and HyperV/RemoteFX VM not booting

Intel Modular MFSYS25, MFS5520VI and HyperV/RemoteFX VM not booting

Hello All,
I hope I have the right forum for this.

I've been working on getting our Intel Modular Server with our HyperV Server and RemoteFX going but I have run into a situation that no ones on the Net seems to have run into with the Modular.
When I add the RemoteFX driveron a Virtual Machine, I get:

Microsoft Synthetic 3D Display Controller: Failed to Power on with Error 'Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.

According to Microsoft, it is because of the GPU not having enough dedicated memory.

I have looked high and low in the BIOS, and other settings and I don't see where it thinks there isn't enough resources besides per the video memory. I couldn't see any settings for video in the BIOS.

I am using the MFS5520VI compute module and 2 Xeon X5650 processors which I think should be enough resources.

Your help is appreciated.
Thank you.

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Which graphics device are you using?Is it an external adaptor? (Details needed to assist.)

David Ott

A comment from a colleague might help:

RemoteFX requires GPUs on server for rendering. It will not work without it. You need toinstall Microsoft recommended graphics card on the 2 Socket Xeon 5600 servers to be able to use RemoteFX.

Also which OS version are you using? Note that SP1 is required on both client and server.

David Ott

Thank you for your response. As part of the MFSYS25 modular system, the Intel MFS5520VI Compute modules don't have PCIe slots. It is an onboard video card.
According to Windows 2008 Device Manager, the GPU shows up as a Matrox G200e.

I have Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 installed on the host Hyper V server and also SP1 on the Windows 2008 RDS VM.

There appears to be a limitation of the video capabilities of the Intel Multiflex platform.

Any additonal comments is appreciated.

Here isa comment I received:

"That is not a supported GPU for RemoteFX.

The matrox G200e isnt intended for anything other than a server console.

Furthermore Id expect the VM to be Windows7 SP1, not 2008 R2 SP1."

Another colleague adds:

"Im not convinced that this device even supports DirectX. It appears to be circa 1998 design. If it does not support DX9, thats a deal breaker for sure. The Intel specs only mention 2D graphics."

Not welcome news, I'm sure. But it would explain what you're seeing.

David Ott

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