Enable virtualization in DX58so Motherboard

Enable virtualization in DX58so Motherboard

Hi guys,
I have an Intel Dx58so motherboard with core i7 950 processor extreme edition , 8GB Ram and 1GB nvidia geforce gtx 460 graphic card, running on dual operating system (win 7 and windows server 2008 R2),i have enabled hyper-V and whenever i start the virtual machine, i am getting the error message "virtual machine failed to start",hypervisor is not running,
I understand that we need to enable Virutualization from bios,so i enabled it ,but it didnt work,
Can someone tell me the exact settings that i need to change in BIOS to enable virtualization


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Hi Saabuu,you only need updatethe bios.

Good luck


Thanks very much callerner, I ll do it right away
anyhow I have installed VMWare and it working great

Upgrading the bios did not work for me. Have you found a soluttion?

Q: "Can someone tell me the exact settings that i need to change in BIOS to enable virtualization."

BIOSes can vary depending on the vender, so it's not easy to provide specific directions for what you're looking at.

In general, you're lookingto enablea CPU-related setting called "Intel Virtualization". Itcould, perhaps, go by the term "VT-x" or "Intel VT" or something related.

There is another chipset-related setting known as "VT-d" (IntelVirtualization Technology for Directed I/O), but I don't think this isyour stumbling block. (I wrote a blog article about VT-d here, BTW: http://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2009/06/25/understanding-vt-d-inte...)

David Ott

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