cr3-load/store exiting ~> 0 allowed?

cr3-load/store exiting ~> 0 allowed?


I'm looking to buy a new laptop to run my benchmarks. The goal is that only cpuid and the vmx-instructions will cause VM-exits. The only thing that is missing on present hardware is that it doesn't allow me to disable "cr3 load/store exiting". Therefor I was thinking about replacing my laptop with one equipped with one of these processors:,49652,49653,43544,47341

Unfortunately I can't find anywhere whether these do support that feature or not (they do meet my other requirements). Any help/suggestions?


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Nehalem processors shown in your table support setting "CR3-load exiting" and "CR3-store exiting"Primary Processor-Based VM-Execution Controls to 0. Therefore CR3 load/store exiting can be disabled.

I was told that desired settings should be supported on all Nehalem and Westmere processors (Core i7, i5, i3).

In particular,these settings will be supported on any product that supports EPT.

David Ott

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