VT-d support?

VT-d support?

How to check whether my system support VT-d or not ?

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Note that VT-d is a chipset feature and not a processor feature.

A quick answer might be toboot intoyour BIOSconfiguration utilityand look for the "Enable VT-d" or "Enable Intel VT for Directed IO" menu item. Its presence indicates that the feature is supported.

A longer answer might be as follows:

Determine which chipset your system has. This information should be available in the system documentation you received at time of purchase. Or, many OEMs will give your a system an ID number that you can use to get your specs online at their Web site. Sometimes OEMs will allow you to look upspec based on your mother board ID. Finally, there are tools out there like CPU-Z that profile your system hardware and include chipset information.

Once you know your chipset,trylooking itup at http://ark.intel.com. The product page should indicate whether VT-d is supported. Note, however, that your OEM must provide BIOS support to enable this feature. If they don't, then the feature may not be supported on your system despite the chipset having this capability.

Once you determine that your chipset supports this feature,boot intoyour system BIOSconfiguration utilityand look for the "Enable VT-d" or "Enable Intel VTfor Directed IO"menu item. As mentioned above, the chipset feature must be enabled by your BIOSto be supported by your system.

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