vmlaunch trouble

vmlaunch trouble

I'm having some trouble performing a successful vmlaunch.The error I keep getting is "VM entry with invalid host-state field(s)".I thought almost 1500 lines of consistency checks and vmx debugging implemented from 3B.23 would be enough to trace the problem down.I would greatly appreciate any help regarding this issue, if anyone could tell me exactly what i'm configuring wrong inside the code.I've provided some initialization code inside the attachment.Actual vmwrites begin inside hvk.c/HvkLaunchGuest ().Thank you.

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I had a similar problem a few weeks ago. I too implemented all checks with no luck, but I finally figured out the problem... It was in one of my defines for the vmread/vmwrite instructions. Maybe you made the same silly mistake.

Is "VM entry with invalid host-state field(s)" the exact error message you are getting? Someone I spoke with wondered if the exact message was VM-entry failure due to invalid guest state"?

David Ott

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