KVM & VT-x VT-d help

KVM & VT-x VT-d help

Hi Everybody,

We would like to use the KVM technology with new intel cpus.
Could you please help me which CPU and chipset should we buy?
I see that there are two technologies VT-x and VT-d.
Do we need a CPU which supports also VT-d or is enough the VT-x technology?


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Are you interested in a client or server system?

If server, you can look for Xeon 5500/5600/7500 based systems to fully take advantage of the VT-x and VT-d features which KVM currently supports. I was also told that use of the EPT feature is strongly recommended with KVM. Also part of the feature set.

David Ott

VT-x is for CPU while VT-d is for chipset, IOH.

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