A new CPU meant for Virtual Machines

A new CPU meant for Virtual Machines

I was reading an article at Tom's Hardware about the new Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture currently codenamed "Knights Corner".http://www.tomshardware.com/news/knights-ferry-corner-mic-xeon,11036.htmlIt has32 x86 cores at 1.2GHz, with four threads per core.If this isn't intended for virtualization I don't know what is.

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Its not entirely clear if this is a continuation of Labree where if I understood things correctly the individual processors on the die lacked inter-processor cache coherency (requiring external serialization when necissary), or if phi is some sort of evolution of existing multi-core architectures where inter-processor cache coherency is maintained.I agree its an interesting processor from a virtualization standpoint either way, but its also not clear what instruction sets each core in a phi part supports, so what kind of virtualization software to make it interesting changes quite a bit depending on the answers to the cache coherency and instruction set question. The link Quoc-tahi Le posted didn't seem to contain any actual technical information.

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