Incorrect data update in ARK regarding PCNs adding VT support?

Incorrect data update in ARK regarding PCNs adding VT support?

Intel added VT to the Q8300, E7400, E7500, E5300, and E5400 CPUs in two PCNs.
After PCN number 109337 adding VT support to tray processors was issued, ARK was correctly updated to add the new processors and to correctly indicate that they have VT.
Months later, PCN number 109359 was issued to add VT support to boxed processors. This time, when ARK was updated to add the new processors, it was incorrectly specified that the new boxed processors lack VT, which I suspect have VT.
This also confused the too.

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Thank you for pointing this out. I'm looking into it internally.

David Ott

I've talked with several people internally, and it looks like some clarification is needed.

To better understand the problem, could you describe the issue in terms of model numbers and SPEC numbers? A SPEC number is a 5 letter/number marking on top of the CPU package. You can follow links to find them on the ARK pages.

We don't have a good way to follow the trail you suggest through PCN numbers, hence our request.

Thanks for your help with clarification.

David Ott

Well, ARK is now fixed, so I am closing this thread.

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