Who has the exact information on HD virtulization?

Who has the exact information on HD virtulization?

If harddisk virtulization is close to us, I can design more shinning architecture for my project. Otherwise, I must think about idea to work around or give up the proposal from ISV

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Hi Ming,

Not sure if I understand your question. Hard disks are currently already virtualized by today's VMMs. For example, a system may have a single hard disk that the VMM manages. Ten different VMs running on the system each sees their own virtual hard disk and uses it as if they own it exclusively. The VMM manages the mapping from each virtual hard disk to the physical hard disk so that the VM doesn't need to worry about resource sharing issues and strict isolation between VMs is maintained.

Intel's chipset-based VT-d technology also applies here. VT-d supports remapping ofI/O DMA data transfers and device-generated interrupts. This technology can be used with data transfers between VMsand a hard disk.

David Ott

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