What exactly is VT-x2?

What exactly is VT-x2?


I newly saw the term VT-x2 in these and other forums on the web. However, it is very hard to actually find out what this is (except that it should be a followup to VT-x, which is kind of obvious). Currently I just know that it should be a set of technologies, and the EPT is included in VT-x2. What else does VT-x2 cover? Is it an "official" Intel (marketing?) term, or is it just an informal name someone came up with? Since the Intel website says nothing about VT-x2, the latter looks more likely, but it's possible that it's going to be official, just isn't there yet...

Thanks for any reponses!


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VT-x2 is not an official marketing term. Youcan think of it simplyas VT-x extensions or enhancements, includingFlexMigration, FlexPriority, EPT, and VPID.All are explained on the Intel web site. These features are available on Intel Core i7 processors.

David Ott

Thank you, David! Of all these technologies, only EPT is of interest for me, but I wanted to know what VT-x2 is all about.

Frankly, I find the term VT-x2 a bit confusing, because VT-x refers to the CPU virtualization extensions for x86, so VT-x2 would suggest a followup to those extensions, and not further technologies that "somehow" relate to virtualization as well. If at all, then EPT is some kind of VT-x enhancement, but it's got a separate name and is insteal included as part of VT-x2 together with other, even less related things...

Anyway, thanks for the clarification.


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