Correct VMWRITE syntax?

Correct VMWRITE syntax?

According to 253667.pdf (Instruction Set Reference, N-Z), VMWRITE syntax is ambiguous. The title says that the syntax is "VMWRITE r, r/m".

On the contrary, the description says: "Writes to a specified field in the VMCS specified by a secondary source operand (register only) using the contents of a primary source operand (register or memory).", what suggest "VMWRITE r/m, r".

The opcode map says: "VMWRITE Gd/q, Ed/q", what means "VMWRITE r, r/m".

Is "VMWRITE r, r/m" the right syntax?

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Just found that the Overview chapter (5.1) in the same manual says:

VMWRITE - This instruction writes a component to the VMCS (the encoding of that field is given in a register operand) from a source operand that may be a register or in memory

So "VMWRITE r, r/m" should really be the right one.

Speaking about typos and errors in Intel manuals, is there any way how to report them to Intel so that they can be fixed? For example, many details about instruction behaviour in 64-bit mode are not correct or even wrong.

IA HW manual corrections can be reportedat

Many thanks from the entire community for reporting any typos or errors!


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