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OS Developer Guide

I don't see any books by Intel Press on your website that would help me write an OS/hypervisor for Intel CPUs. Back in the days when I used to code in assembly, there were plenty of books around that explained the architecture of Intel CPUs, OS design around your CPUs, etc.

I couldn't find any in the broader x64 markets in terms of books that explained OS design.

Where should I look?


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Your keydocumentation source for Intel virtualization features would be at


Look for the manual entitled, "Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual
Volume 3B: System Programming Guide".

Aside from this, I might look at documentation at the Xen Open Source community, and perhaps even study the Xen source code itself to learnhow various systems issues may be handled. Two links are:


Agreed that no books are currently available on Intel Press that speak to this directly. I'm also asking someone internally whether there is in depth info available elsewhere.

The reply I received is that there are lots of books out therethat discuss implementation issues in the context of Xen.

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