Welcome to the Virtualization and Software Development Forum

Welcome to the Virtualization and Software Development Forum


This forum is for discussing topics related to virtualization.

You will be interested in this forum if you are a software developer or architect working on solutions related to virtualization. This forum will provide you with access to Intel engineers specializing in Intel Virtualization Technology, as well as a community of tech-savvy readers, who can offer helpful information and experience on various matters.

If you are posting code, what works best is selecting "Edit as HTML" and then using the


tags. You can probably get away with posting short segments directly. Alternatively, users of Internet Explorer can use the "SRC" button on the toolbar to insert source code with fixed formatting.

If you have any problems or concerns with the forum, please let us know. Note the "Introductions" topic. You are welcome to use it to introduce yourself to the team and the community.

David Ott

PS - I've been asked to moderate the forum moving forward after receiving the baton from Steve Thomsen, our previous moderator.

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