Is EPT an option in the BIOS which can be set to disable or enable?

Is EPT an option in the BIOS which can be set to disable or enable?

I read recently, that EPT (Extended Page Tables) should be set to enabled when virtualization will be enabled as well in the BIOS in servers (by default they are both set to disabled, as I understand).

Question: do HP ProLiant DL-380 G5 servers offer the option to enable or disable EPT?

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I cannot find any option in The HP ProLiant DL-380 BIOS for EPT. Please check with HP to see if they are planning for it or not. Thanks for your question!

Does the HP ProLiant DL-160 G5 have the EPT option? This is the first and only ProLiant server as at today with the new Intel 5400 server chipset (all other ProLiant Servers have the Intel 5000p chipset or lower Intel chipset or an AMD chipset).

I apologize. My question was completely wrong. Most probably it is NOT an option. What I read sometime ago, was that DEP (Data Execution Prevention) should be enabled in the BIOS. This has NOTHING to do with EPT.

So to summarize:
Both Virtualization and DEP should be set to enabled at the same time, when one wants to use XenServer or ESX of VMware (or any other virtualization)

Sorry for the confusion.

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