During Processor Throttling IA32_THERM_STATUS MSR's 1st Bit is zero.

During Processor Throttling IA32_THERM_STATUS MSR's 1st Bit is zero.

I am simulating processor throttling by using some freeware tools which are loading cpu by 100%. Once I start the app , I am removing fan power cable to let cpu heat up.

I am Using speedfan and ThrottleWatch tool to monitor Temperatues and Throttle state.

Apart from that I had written one small utility to read IA32_THERM_STATUS MSR using rdmsr function.I am reading this in a infinite loop.

My Test system is Intel , Pentium 4 xeon family.

I have observed that when cpu temperature reaches 82+ C' , all the processess are killed and system restarts.

Both Throttle watch and my own utility don't show Throttling state and register bit is still 0(zero).(just before system restarts.)

Can someone point out if I am missing something or system is restarting without going in Throttling state?

Or if any other way to simulate throttling?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

- Deepak M V

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