How to make a sandbox

How to make a sandbox

I would like to create a snadbox on an eSATA external hard drive whereI can play with desktop OSs, especially Vista and Ubuntu. I wouldlike to take advantage of Intel VT that allows the Guest operating system to execute closer to the hardware and be much more robust and efficient. Please advice if the Intel hardwareI have available will do this.

I have a notebook computer with Intel System Model Calistoga & ICH7M Chipse, X86-Processor 1829Mhz, BIOS, Pheonix Technologies LTD Q3B8, 10/30/2006,Physical Memory 2048mb, 160GB hardrive.


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It sounds like you are interested in Intel VT-d technology. Look at the post titled:
"Which chipsets support VT-d?" to find this answer. If you are looking for just VT support on the processor side,
most of Intel's desktop, WS, and Server products support VT-x today.
Depending on the processor visit the specific
product web page on to find the details.

Here are some handy
links on core 2s

You said, "Depending on the processor visit the specific product web page on to find the details."

I vistedthe webpage for T9500 CPU and it said performance of Intel VT will vary depending chipset, BIOS, operating system,Virtual management software, host operating system, applications, and drivers.

Does Intelhave management of sotware that can be used toverify how well T9500 is being used? Where can I finddemos, operator manuals, and training?


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