VMXON issue - OS X Mavericks

VMXON issue - OS X Mavericks

I'm trying to run vmxon for a few days now and still no luck. Ive done the following:

1) check for VMX support using CPUID

2) allocate a VMX region in the kernel using : 

IOBufferMemoryDescriptor::inTaskWithOptions(kernel_task, kIOMemoryPhysicallyContiguous , PAGE_SIZE)

After the allocation, I zeroed all the bytes and copied the VMX rev id to the first 4 bytes of this region (Got the rev id using RDMSR on 0x480 and grabbing the 4 right bytes) - the value is 12 (hex) if that even matters.

3) Turned on cr4.vmxe, cr0.ne, cr0.pg, cr0.pe, cr4.pae.

4) Turned on A20 address line

5) Given : uint64_t physical address = region physical address. Run vmxon with &physical_address.

What am I doing wrong? 


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You might want to check with open-source community to see how they would handle the issue that you are having. 

Here are some examples of Virtualization code:


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