VT in Linux

VT in Linux

Hi, i have been developing a sample program based on VT. Here is my case:

Start Ubuntu 14.04 on PC.

Start a char device driver in Ubuntu. The char device driver execute vmxon, initialize the vmcs, and execute vmlaunch.At this time, the Ubuntu is runing as a VM. My VMM is very simple ,just handle the CR VM-exit and CPUID VM-exit.

When the char device driver finished, i can see the VMM is running, and Ubuntu also seems fine. But when i execute a command like "ls" in the terminal, nothing happend, the "ls" command did not give any reply.I have try to start a new application like firefox, there also no response too.


Now, i do not know how to solve this problem.

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Here are some information that may help you with your case:

Virtualization and Performance: Understanding VM Exits -- https://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2009/06/25/virtualization-and-performance-understanding-vm-exits/

Here are some examples of Virtualization code:


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