ept in multi core

ept in multi core

hi, i have took a lot of time to solve the problem when enabled the ept.

my purpose is , run different OS on different core.

i can run Ubuntu 14.04 on the BSP now.

then i start one AP. the AP run a simple real time OS which have just 3 tasks(with EPT enabled too), no any hardware access(no network card, no hard drive...), not enable mttr, not enable MMU.

the new problem came out. when the AP runing, the Ubuntu on BSP hangs(only the mouse cursor can move, no any other resoponse), but the real time OS on AP seems OK. Both BSP and AP share the same VMM code.

I want to know, what is the relationship between EPT and multi core? the memory type must be the same on every core?

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Hi, I think I have found one reason cause this problem.
when RTOS in AP set the CR0.CD bit, which disable the cache, the Ubuntu in BSP hangs.
If i clear the CR0.CD bit when RTOS write to CR0, it seems OK.

But I can not understand how could this happen? can any one explain this?

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