Software Network Website Troubles

Software Network Website Troubles


am getting strange behavior when surfing the site.
Relatively often I am getting a "400 Bad Request" message from the
server when clicking some links. Week or so ago, I was getting the error while
browsing with Safari (Mac), I switched to Chrome but today I started getting
these "bad requests" with Chrome (while Safari is now working). I
can't get what's going wrong. The server says that "Request Header Or
Cookie Too Large" -- but why only from time to time? Could that be
something on my part? Although there are always "backup browsers",
any advice on this issue will be highly appreciated.

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Hi vpchar,

That is very odd... I'm really not sure what is going on, but I can make an inquiry to our web team and see if they have any insights regarding this problem.

Stay tuned...

Thanks Lauren,

It is not a big deal, because we can always use different browser, but I I thought it will not hurt if I post it here... Meanwhile, at appears that the trouble is fading away now -- at least I did not see so much dead pages with Chrome in the last days so it could be some temporary over...something ;-) But I'll stay tuned.
Best Wishes,

Hi Vlad,

It appears this is a known issue with the Intel cookies. Some of them get very long and nginx is strict with how it tries to follow the defined standards, which causes problems...

It should be better now. If there are problems in the future, clearing the cookies should help.

Let me know if there are any additional problems you run into.


I am not facing any errors while accessing the software Network Website but my browser sometimes freezes while opening the Software network website for 1-2 minutes and then turns to normal.
Is there any specific cause to such a problem?

Not under our control, as far as I know. It could be a DOS attack on the forum server or somewhere between there and us.
I also see such problems when one of my email applications is spinning attempting to get through my local ISP server. In that case, you may get somewhat better response by closing your email (or video feed, ....)

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