Electricity Is Wasted on Internet

Electricity Is Wasted on Internet

Most web pages are huge even news channel pages are huge with redundant data, more energy is needed to process this at the server and millions of client computers, World electricity is going to run the Clients with average power consumption of 100watts(including monitor power) to 200watts. Try to reduce ur web page size too...this effects so called Green House if it is there....

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You can read about Intel's energy efficiency efforts at http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/embedded-developers-engineers/energy-overview.html.

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Regarding some web-pages are huge...

It is a well known fact that many companies are using High-speed internet connections and never try
to test\evaluate performance of web-based applications in case of Low-speed internet connections.
They assume everybody has a High-speed internet and they don't worry abouthow long it takes
for a customer to download a web-page 'Abc' on their web-site.

For example, www.bmo.com( Bank Of Montreal, Canada) isthe slowest web-site among Canadian
financial institutions.

There are manyinternet providers with Light-speed or even with Dial-up internet connections and,
of course, downloading time increases and energy wasted.

Again, such companies don't worry because they don't pay for the electricity on a customer's side!

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