The right PC configuration for a new system using Adobe 5.5

The right PC configuration for a new system using Adobe 5.5

I am going to buy a new PC to run Adobe Creative Suite 5.5. Underconsideration is the HP Z600 or Z800. I am also considering a custom built PC. Don't yell at me for not going with a MAC, I have my reasons. In studing the CPUs that would be best for doing light weight video editing to multimediadesign the list is very confusing. Could anyone make a suggestion for best performance and why.


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The Tesla processor option of the Z800 seems irrelevant to CS; other than that, the HP web site seems unspecific about differences between Z600 and Z800. Probably more relevant is choice of a video card and monitor appropriate for your usage. If you are considering using integrated graphics, you probably want Intel Core I7-2 CPU with workstation driver support; otherwise, you probably want a fairly high end power hogging video card. I note that Adobe's official recommendation refers only to having plenty of RAM.

The difference between the Z600 and Z800 is that the 800 and 400 are liquid cooled. Wonder what happens when it leaks? You have been helpful. I am looking at the Nvidia Quadro 4000 graphic card, 2 intel xeon processors either x5674, 2.93 GHZ or X5675, 3.06 but am not sure if the small difference is all that important. I don't know if the 24GB DDRS-1333 ECC Ram 5 is over doing itwhen a 12 GB would do just fine. All this along with 1 TB HD. Things that can be add on later I am letting go as cost is a factor. I just want to get the base that will do the job well.

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I didn't see that about liiquid cooling; it's probably not so useful for a single node installation with no GPGPU.
4GB is a fairly normal configuration for a 12 core installation; mine is like that even though it's more than necessary for the purpose (supporting GPGPU-like applications). The Adobe web site did indicate that 16GB or more could be useful in some situations.
If you install 12GB of 4GB sticks, you will give up performance until you fill the companion slots. On the other hand, if you use 2GB sticks, you will want some useful purpose for them if you later upgrade to 4GB sticks.

The biggest question would be what is your budget, because you could recommend a system stariting at $2,500 up to $6,000 or even more.

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if you want better performance you can use Nvidia CUDA to improve your Adobe CS 5.5 application

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