Can anyone help me?

Can anyone help me?

Sorry if Im not supposed to post questions here but Idk where else and Im getting really frustrated.

I just bought and assembled a new computer with i5-2500k cpu, the motherboard is GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 connect to a 32" Viore tv through HDMI. My computer is showing a screen thats bigger than my actually tv screen.
Changing the resolution didnt help anything, and my tv is currently at
the exact same resolution as my computer 1280 X 720.

There is no Customize Aspect Ratio and the others dont help. Nothing for my tv helps (aspect and I cant choose how far to zoom) and there is nothing on my tv for Disable/Enable Overscan/Underscan.

If someone could please help Id really appreciate it, or at least point me towards another forum I should be asking on

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Werecommend contacting the TV manufacturer for this issue.

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Maybe your TV configuration, open the TV configuration and set the Zoom, Vertical, Horizontal, if it's available, or you can check display properties.

Try changing your resolution to 1080p on your computer and you TV should automaticly change its resloution (depends on TV), some TVs have the option in the menus to change a HDMI input into "PC Mode". If that does not help your best bet would either be contacting your TV Manufacture or posting your problem on Remote Control Forums (try googling)

Hi all

Better you contact the TV manufacturer for this issue because it seems something wrong with the tv not the pc i thought.


You may want to contact Gigabyte* and/or your graphics adapter manufacturer.

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Are you using the integrated Intel graphics or are you using a dedicated graphics card?

I've had zooming problems with my old AMD/ATI card on one of my monitors (it was being scaled down so I had black borders on the screen even though it was at native resolution) that I was able to fix in the Catalyst Control Panel's advanced section. I imagine nVidia has the same setting somewhere.

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