IntelPress PDF book download problem

IntelPress PDF book download problem


I purchased the following two books about two weeks ago and tried to download the
digital edition of the books by registering the serial numbers as instructed inside the books.
But I couldn't download.

I reported this problem to on Jun 14th, but they don't reply to me.
I also contacted Intel Support, but they transfer my call around to several places,
and couldn't answer about IntelPress book.
Harnessing the UEFI Shell

Beyond BIOS 2nd Edition

After entering the serial number inside the book, the above pages are displayed.
When I pushed the hyper-link, "Access the Digital Edition of This Book",
on the above URL pages, the following irrelevant page at
has been shown somehow in both cases. Is there someone who can download PDF of any IntelPress book?
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Thank you for reporting this. is the correct address for support. I'll see if I can contact them internally to have this corrected.

Best regards,

Aubrey W.
Intel Software Network Support

Thank you for replying to me promptly.I amveryencouraged by your feedback as Intel representative.Best regards,nao16t

Aubrey-san,I have successfully downloaded the two PDF books just now.Thank you very much for your help.Best regards,nao16t

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