Just a very little question

Just a very little question

Hello. My Name is Pedro and i'm from Peru and i'm pleased to post at this forum.

Well, to the point... Long time ago i was gifted with a D865PERL PC. And now i would like to upgrade it with a superior AGP512 MB Video Card (sorry, i don't have the money to purchase a new PC, so please don't you tell me to buy a new one).

Now the question is... will the motherboard support such amount of video card memory? I ask you this, because in my BIOS (right now i have a SIS 315 PCI Video card with 32MB of memory and my BIOS Version is RL86510A.86A.0075.P15.0404021333) it says that the AGP apperture is 32 MB (and i can modify it up to 256MB).

So i would like to know if i can put a 512MB AGP Video Card in the slot, so that the motherboard can recognize it. Thank you.

P.D. It seems that the D865PERL is no longer supported... well, maybe that's because it's quite aging and that's why i put this question in this forum.

Edit: Oh i forgot to mention that i have 256MB of RAM memory... a friend of mine is going to gift me 1GB of his memory on the next weeks...

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These aren't particularly suitable forums for discussion of video cards. As far as BIOS versions go, you'd need to consult the BIOS download sites (preferably restricting your search to credible ones). Off the top of my head, there's no reason why hardware and BIOS should restrict how much of your RAM is dedicated to AGP.

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