Random lockups

Random lockups

My laptop (standard EMachines notebook) is randomly freezing up -- usually during any 3D video application such as games, and less often during normal use. These lockups seem to be coinciding with my HDD access light turning on and staying solid for the duration of the freeze, and then flickering and turning back off. When they occur in my game, they are also usually accompanied by the music looping up and my headset giving a data transfer error message.

I have:

Checked for / updated all sound and video drivers

Virus scanned

Ran a chkdsk

Cleaned registry

Checked for malfunctioning hardware

Dis/re-enabled drivers

Updated Windows

and all sorts of the other usual fixes. Any help? This lockup problem is sporadic, occurs never on some days and every few minutes on others. Computer is extremely frustrating and almost unenjoyable to use on the bad days.

Windows 7 32bit.

Lockups also seem to occur more frequently, if using a web browser, while trying to watch Flash-based videos or while typing in a text field.

Other random info:

Seems to occur in spurts, with a few days to a month of the problem and then very little or none for a few weeks, with no apparent changes in system setup or health.

I've been told, as far as freezing during my game goes, that graphics card temps of about a max of 170F are hot but not badly hot.


2.3 GHz processor AMD V140

2 gigs RAM

Integrated ATI Radeon Mobility video

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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The Intel Software Network forums are for software development topics. For this issue we recommend contacting your system integrator as they will be familiar with the components and their interations with each other.

If you have determined that you need support for a particular Intel component, you can contact Intel Product Support on the following Web site: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support?iid=hdr+support.

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