WHAT IS NECESSARY (C++ Instruction / Technique) for outputing special data at runtime

WHAT IS NECESSARY (C++ Instruction / Technique) for outputing special data at runtime

I am developing a C++ program that writes determinants and algebraic sysmbols with numberic subscripts onto a file on a harddrive. This is printed out as hard copy as a later step. The determinant issue regards writing an array but with boundaries, a single vertical line along the left side of the determinant, (i.e., square array), and along the right side. This is the way determinants are pictured in textbooks about linear algebra. This is easily done using MS Word
2003 / 2007 using the "table" feature.

Recently, I presented this matter to Intel online "chat" representatives on 2 occasions. They suggested I look into
Graphics Acceelerators,and also upgrade my Chipset. I tried to upgrade my Chipset, but while my Chipset is made by Intel, I was informed via an online message, that Intel didn't have enogght information, and I should go to the manufacturer of my PC which is HP.In the process of doing this I contacted HPsoftware tech support thru online "chat". This rep (HP), informed me that adding another graphics accelerator wouldn't work for my particular PC, and neither would a softwareupgrade of my chipset in regards to what I was looking for.

The attachment to this message show examples of what I want to accomplish.
Thank you.

Gordon Holtom

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Hello Gordon,

Are you just trying to figure out how to display the vertical lines in your program? If so, it's more of a programming problem,rather thana problem with your system. If you're using Microsoft* Visual Studio, I would recommend looking on http://msdn.com for information about Microsoft's API's. The Intel Software Network forums are geared more towards discussing high-performance programming issues, and specific Intel Software Development Products.

If there is some reason you believe it's a problem with your graphics accellerators or chipset, please explain more, and I'll see if I can help you.

Best regards,

Aubrey W.
Intel Software Network Support

*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

Aubrey:It's June 1, 2011. and I've just now found your reply to my thread. Thank you for your reply. And I'll check http://msdn.com as you suggested. Though I don't have MSVS available to me now, I've exhausted the time of my trial period. When I am able I'll have to purchase MSVS 2010 outright. Thanks again.

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