Newbie: gt's compare to mhz (i7 and Xeon)

Newbie: gt's compare to mhz (i7 and Xeon)

Hi Folks,

im new to this Forum and i have a question who bores me a lot.

We try to get a new CAD Desktop.

Our Dell Support offered us a i7 and a Xeon, and he also meant the Xeon would be better because of the gt/s.

In all tests the i7 870 was much better than the Xeon e5503. (Xeon 4,8 gt/s - i7860 2,5 gt/s)

Aswell i dont get it. On a x55 Chipset Screenshot from intel, it says: "intel i7 family QPI" which should be much better than the FSB.

I dont get what the gt's is, and what it does. I was always focused on the mhz and cache. What makes the Xeon better ? And why has the i870 no QPI on the Intel page?.



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I'll move this to our catchall forum, since the Intel Software Network forums are for software development topics.

Gt/s isa unit of measurement, transfer rate in Gigabytes transferred per second. You can use our website at to compare the two processors. You might also want to ask at the Intel Processor Support Community:

I hope that helps.

Best regards,

Aubrey W.
Intel Software Network Support

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