I am upgrading my motherboard and case and have a question about my CPU

I am upgrading my motherboard and case and have a question about my CPU

Hello everyone, I am new to the whole 'building a PC' scenario and I have anenquiry about the method you use to transfer the CPU to a new motherboard.I have a pentium dual core 2.7ghz E5400 which came with my PC. I am using a case and motherboard which I am currently unsatisfied with; I have looked on Amazon.co.uk at Cases and Motherboards. I am getting the Antec three hundred case and the motherboard I have in mind is the Asus 775 P5QL/EPU motherboard.All of theperipherals you must have to build a PC I am removing from my current one and placing it onto a new board and slotting the new board into my case.I will be using my current DVD drive, Hard drive, Graphics card, CPU, CPU cooling fan and sound card.My question is, clearly my current hard drive has all of the drivers for my computer, but I am worried about when I swap my CPU into the new motherboard that it will not recognise it. Would my hard drive (which came with my CPU) be able to recognise the CPU or will I have to preform some other form of swap?Let me know, hopefully someone with more skill than me has preformed this operation before and knows what they are talking about.Thanks much, Alex

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It's likely that you need to reinstall the operating system, but this forum is about alpha developer software. You might find better answers in the forum about desktop boards.

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Hello it seems that you are changing your motherboard and case only in this situation the best practice would be to use "BACK UP"tool(available in windowsPROGRAMS---> ACCESSORIES ---->SYSTEM TOOL --->- BACKUP)Please back up only the programs which areinstalled and "my documents" along with any neceesaryfiles or folders which are userinstalled or created(NOTE:you need not to back up the system files and the windows run time files as it will beavailable in the new installationwhich you have to installed after the backup operation.(you should backup the files inCD or DVDor any sutiable Removable drive you mayuse any other hard drive for backup (that will be very save option as you have to format the first drive after the backup all the data will be save in backedupdrive)with the new motherboard connect all the peripherals anddevices and continue instllation after installation is complete you may restore backup data to this newPC
NOTE:If you use the same drive for backup then you have toback up thedata in a different partition other thanfirst partition that is C drive because the Cusually formated and installed operating system and you should not format or partitionwhich has backup data
I think it would solve the problem

Thanks much Syed, i'll review this with my father.

transfer the CPU to a new motherboard is very hard for me to do that
I do not know how to get the fan down

Quoting jarisarytransfer the CPU to a new motherboard is very hard for me to do that
I do not know how to get the fan down

you did not mention what type of mother board you use if it is old P4 you need to move the lock clips in the opposite direction very gently and then unlock the four side lockers. then only the CPU fan could be removed

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