kernel in 64 bit

kernel in 64 bit

I am doing some research in developin operating systems.I want to know how can i create a 64 bit Kernel for operating system.

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This is a very broad question, which can hardly be answered in a forum posting. In fact, there are two books about system programming:

Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual

Volume 3A: System Programming Guide
Volume 3B: System Programming Guide

There are available for download here. Before you hit the print button, be warned that each of them is more than 800 pages long.

Read this book from William stallings it will give you some idea about OS concepts and kernel development


I'm also interested in this area. In the previous replies mentioned books are valuable. If you're more in examples I would recommend eg. DelphineOS which is written in FreePascal and shows a very basic but working 32-Bit OS (unfortunately the source is sometimes in french and it is only 32 Bit) but for learning and starting purposes (because language "Pascal") it is recommended.

Another resource is the Linux kernel Source Code and some good infos like

Concrete architecture of the Linux kernel (Open Press)
Linux kernel internals (Addison Wesley)
Linux CPU scheduler (somewhere on the net)


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