Project Offset

Project Offset

Do you know what Project Offset is and do you care?

I'm just curious is all.

And the teapot sprang forth goblin. Yeah. The teapot sprang forth Artemis. Yeah. Warsaw. Yeah. Xaith. Yeah. The teapot is life. It guides Project Offset. Created eons ago or 3 or 4 I kind of forget Earth years. We worship the teapot. Yeah. Well if you want to be a loyal Project Offset fan worship the teapot too! Yeah! All hail the Teapot Worshippers top PO Clan!
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Hi WarSaw. I am aware of Project Offset and have been watching its incremental trailer since its presentation in GDC06. Not only me , even my friends who have watched were completely amazed by it. I wonder when will it be out.



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