Performance Monitoring: Instruction cache

Performance Monitoring: Instruction cache

Hi everybody,
I'm a newbie, and its my first post here, so hope this is the right forum for asking my question (apologize if its wrong forum...)

I am performing some performance monitoring on my Intel Core 2 Duo E 6550, my goal is to show if when disabling all caches (I-cache, L1 data cahce, L2 shared cache....) the execution time may become more predictable....I know that there are other parameters to take into account, but I decided to start by testing the influence of cache memories....
So, I've read the Intel Architecture Manual, and found out HOW to disable all breif, for L2 cache I am using a tool called MSRTool which allows me to set bit 9 and 16 in order to turn off the L2 caches. My PMT (Performance Monitoring Tool) is called PFMON ( and it allowed me to check that L2 Data cache was really disabled...and PFMON showed that there were neither L2 data cache misses nor L2 cahce hit anymore.
Well, Now I decided to disable L1 Instruction cache, and Intel Architecture Manual says that this may be done by setting bit 30 of CR0 (Control register 0). I think it really did disable L1 I-cache because my computer started to run slower.
The problem is that when I check it with PFMON, it seems to remain turned on...there is still L1 instruction cache misses and hits.
Anybody knows how this could be possible? I think that I've just turned off one part of the cache, and some other is still working, but I cant explain how?

thank you for your answer!


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