A way of writing an anti-virus program?

A way of writing an anti-virus program?

My name is S.S.Sundaresh. I`m from Bangalore, S.India. I had an idea for writing an anti-virus program. Could you please give me your opinion of it? We have the 26 alphabets on the keyboard and the numerals and the special characters, too. If we were to write the software equivalent of a parentheses to protect each of these characters, then could we protect a software program from a virus? A virus latches on to a program and infects it. By latching on, we mean, of course, that it latches on to a character in a program. This would reduce the number of steps required to write an anti-virus software, wouldn`t it? What is more, this software could be automatically changed from time to time, couldn`t it? Please give me your opinion of this. Please reply soon.

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Not understanding. Are you stating you wish to write a Win. app. that protects installed apps.?

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AFAIK viruses that infect other programs modify the assembled machine
code of the victim and this code doesn't necessarily consist of
printable or typeable characters at all.

Classic antivirus tools work on pattern recognition of certain machine code portions (sometimes referred as "signature"). There are also types of antivirus tools that evaluate the possible danger of code parts (heuristic detection)

I suggest looking at the antivirus software article on Wikipedia.

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