Email subscription doesn't work

Email subscription doesn't work

Yes I have seen the announcement Gina posted. However, I do not want to subscribe to the whole forum, just to some particular threads. Is that possible or not? If subscribing to a forum actually enables subscribing to individual threads, then why is it worded so awkwardly?

Igor Levicki
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Hi Igor,

If you'd like to subscribe to a thread ONLY, just enter the thread you want to subscribe to,pull down the THREAD TOOLS box and choose SUBSCRIBE TO THIS THREAD. If you'd like to subscribe to an entire forum, go to the top of that forum, pull down the FORUM TOOLS box and choose SUBSCRIBE TO FORUM.

Also, if you are not getting notification emails and youhave subscribed to a thread or a forum,visit your profile page and check the EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS tab. Make sure the FORUM SUBSCRIPTION box is marked to enable emails to be sent to you. This is the master email control.

Warm regards,

Gina B.
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Hey Gina, nice to see you again :-)

I did what you told me in the account settings -- I enabled all notifications. However,I am so far only getting notifications for the threads I have created and for the replies I posted. Will subscribe to this thread and wait to see what happens when you reply.

To be honest, I don't understand what half of those notifications in the account settings mean. They should have a description because some of them aren't self-explanatory.

Is there a way to automatically subscribe to the threads you create and reply to? There should be an option for that in the account settings.

Frankly,it's beyond mewhy Intelinsists onwasting resources on custom forum software developmentwhen there are excellent forum softwares out there like vBulletin which can be customized and have much more usefull features out of the box than this "home brew'd" solution.

I would really prefer to have standard forum like for example, I am used to vBulletin and I believe many others are as well.

Igor Levicki

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