invalid pci read operation on a burst of writes

invalid pci read operation on a burst of writes

The test I am using writes data from a write combined mapped memory to a prefetch window in the board's address space. With a pci analyzer, a read transaction appears in the application buffer zone. The read does not occur at the same place. Sometimes, before the read, the analyzer records a special transaction. The read operation fetches 4 bytes always. In software, there are no reads taking place. Can anyone explain this?

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Hi Caliniaru,

Thisis more the province of Intel's chipset design groups -- if you do not receive the answer you're looking for in the community and you aredoing your development work through a company,we recommend working withan Intel Product Representative.

If your company has its own Intel representative, you may wish to inquire whether they are able to assist with this inquiry. Your company's Purchasing Department will normally have your Intel representative's contact information. If you have no contact, please see under "Design Components".

If your location is not listed, please see an Intel Authorized Distributor and ask for a Field Application Engineer (FAE). Our Intel Authorized Distributor list is also linked from the URL above.


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