BIOS modifications required.

BIOS modifications required.

I have a need to modify a BIOS for an OEM D915GUX motherboard.

The issue is the OEM isn't interested insupporting the board any more and not interested in me or anyone else looking to make changes or improvements and I have 41 of these machines half of which I'd like to modify the BIOS on..

Intelhas informed me they arediscontinuing production of the D915 series and I'm now at a loss on how to achive my results since no one is really willing to play nice in all of this.

Intel has already told me that these boards are capable of supporting a Pentium D however the BIOS isn't programmed with this CPU information.

At this time I just want to make some changes and would prefer to do it the right way but no one wants to play nice.

I don't care about the politics anymoresince I just want my solution and I'd steal the BIOS source to resolve my issues if I could locate it, I'd prefer to work under an NDA but since no one want to play nice, if I manage to obtain it, you can be sure it will find it's way onto the net.

If someone who has a lot of BIOS experience can help me resolve my issues (I'll even pay) there wouldn't be a need for me to do anything more than reflash the new BIOS into the machines I wish to make changes to.

I even have a spare boards I can provide if it's required as part of the testing phase.

Can anyone help me??? if so contact me off-forum please.

-- Dale

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Hello Dale,

By "OEM",Iassume you refer to Original Equipment Manufacturers; if so, we regret to confirm since these boards are specifically customized to the OEM's specifications, we, Intel, do not have details on firmware updates or modifications that can be done on your particular board model. Thus, we would still recommend contacting your OEM or place of purchase for support, as they themselves are familiar with the total hardware and software (BIOS) configuration of your integrated system and the way all the features interact with each other. Unfortunately, Intel is precluded from providing support for these systems.

If you, on the other hand, refer to one of our Intel Desktop Board D915GUX, we do confirm these do not support none of the Intel Pentium D processor(s), unfortunately; see the following URL:

Even if BIOS is updated to the latest 0482 version (, that will not yet make these boards compatible with the processors in question.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Gina B.
Intel Software Network Support

Hi Dale,
You will probably need to do the same run around i did just to talk to an intel representative, and get an nda in. There is really no easy way to develop a bios without an ITP (in target probe)... other keywords include TAP (test access port), HDT (amd's hardware debug tool) probe mode and/or ICE (in circuit emulation). Actually, it would probably be impossible or extremely difficult to develop a bios without this tool... or a copy of the original source (which, is unlikely).

I am still pending and have recently reissued my request for debugger information from intel. I will make the requests public again on this forum should i receive considerable delay.

Your only other option is to purchase/rent a debugger from american arium. This may or may not be an acceptable solution considering costs. If you do pick one up, let me know.


Hi Dale, I second what Nate said. I had to rent a rent a debugger for my work at and it was quite pricey. I wish I could help you out more. Plz let me know what happens, N

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