EFI / Frustration and Anger

EFI / Frustration and Anger

Please understand that I am angry, frustrated and tired of the run-around I have endured over the past 7 moths trying to utilise the efi capability feature so don't expect any words of praise at this time.

I bought several different models of Intel motherboards because I was told that these boards (D915GUX and D945GPM to mention a couple) could boot from efi, the documentaiton claims they can boot from efi and I want to do some efi development.

The problem I'm experiencing is that the boards are not doing the efi boot and I can't find a solution that allows me to change this.

This bring me to several questions, one regarding Intel's integrity, did intel lie to me or did they just not tell me the entire truth.

Why is there no option in the Firmware Setup to enable/disable this?

I'd like to close this with a third and final question, I need these boards to boot from efi and bought them because they were supposed to support this, now in my anger and frustration I publicly ask intel to provide the tools and/or instruction so that I can begin my efi development project or publicly admit that I was not told the truth.

Now bear in mind, failure to provide a fair and reasonable solution to achieve the task that these boards are advertised as supporting and were purchased for constitutes your adminssion that these boards are not capable of the feature you claim they support and you have caused me to waste money on products that I am unable to use.

I'd even be happy to get an ISO that boots to the EFI shell, anything that painlessly allows me to proceed with my project would satisfy me.

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Sorry to hear about the trouble you've been having. This is outside of what Intel Software Network's application engineering teams are able to support, however, so we recommendthat you sendthis issue directly to the EFIteam via their feedback form.

As an aside, you can alsosign up for theirmailing list to receive specupdates and other news.

Please contact us directly by email if you encounter any difficulties gettingassistance for your issue this way, and we'll be glad to try and find you a contact.


Lexi S.

IntelSoftware NetworkSupport


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Hi, Dale

Just simply download the latest EDK source code on www.tianocore.org and build ETUI.Then you can make a EFI bootable disk and boot to EFI Shell as you want.

Eric, can you contact me off forum please.

-- Dale

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