Accessing the EFI Framework/Shell

Accessing the EFI Framework/Shell

Hello, i am developing efi applications and i need a Environment in which i can work in, currently TianoCores EDK or Intel's DUET dont fufill my needs, I was wondering when a flash update will be released to allow owners of Framework based boards to gain access to the framework that is on the boards, instead of being forced to use the included CSM.

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We asked our Application Engineering team and this is a bit outside thescope of whatthe Intel Software Network team specializes in, but we can point you toward some other resources that might help, and we of course invite community members with expertise in this topic to chime in.

First, you might pose this same question to the EFIteam directly via their feedback form.

You can alsosign up for theirmailing list to receive specupdates and other news.

You might also try the TianoCore mailing lists to find out about enhancements and/or alternatives.


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