Q&A: CPUID in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET?

Q&A: CPUID in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET?

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Q. I read Eric Palmer's article entitled CPUID for x64 Platforms and Microsoft Visual Studio* .NET 2005. I'm very interested to know how to use CPUID in VB.NET. I don't want to go in deep with C/C++. Basically, I want to get "ALL" the available information for my CPU, using my own software.

A. We asked the author, who responded thathe has neverused Microsoft Visual Basic .NET*; however, since Microsoft Visual C++* does not support a way to get all the CPUID info without calling assembly code, then a VB program would most likelyalso have to call some assembly code. This would most likelyrequire setting up a VC++ class that calls the assembly code and then marshals the data back to the calling VB program. Remember, if you want to run in 64-bit native mode, you will need the 64-bit asm code found in cpuid64.asm; otherwise you can use the inline-asm function cpuid32 found in cpuid.c.


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