SERR# and NMI on D101GGc motherboard

SERR# and NMI on D101GGc motherboard

I have a question about the SERR# handling on PCI bus on the D101GGc motherboard.

Normally (it is what I've seen so far) the SERR# signal generates an NMI.
It is normally possible to handle this kind of NMI with the I/O ports 61h and 70h.
This is a functionality compatible with the old IBM PC "AT" boards.

In this motherboard (D101GGc) no NMI is generated from SERR# signal, also if the I/O ports 61h and 70h are correctly set.

We have always used Intel boards and with older boards like D865GVHZL and D865GLCL all is working in the expected (wonderful) way.

Can you help me please?

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Thank you for posting your question to the Intel Software Network Forum. While your topic is outside the scope of the topics normally discussed on this forum, you can obtain support for your specific motherboard questions at the Intel Support site at Additional Information about motherboards can also be found at

I hope this will give you the information you need to resolve your problem.

Jim A
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