Modification of Instructions during execution

Modification of Instructions during execution

Using IA-64 processor, I am modifying the data in machine instructions during execution and replacing with new data values in instructions having constants e.g. add r23=45, r67 being replaced by add r23=90, r67.

After the successful modification, the following method is acquired for cache coherence.

asm volatile("fc %0"::"r"(addr));
//32 bytes i.e. 2 bundles have been done. so loop for as required and at the end,

asm volatile(";;sync.i ;;");
asm volatile("srlz.i ;;");
Are these steps correct for the modification of binary instructions during execution for IA-64 architecture.


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One of our residentIA-64 experts read your question andwould liketo call your attention to Thomas Wolfgang Burger's Intel Software Network article, Cache Coherency in Itanium Processor Software. Note that you'll need to enable popups toaccess the PDF linked from that page. Within the PDF,specifically note the use offc.i.


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