What are the differences between the 1st and the 2nd edition of the "Software Optimization Cookbook"

What are the differences between the 1st and the 2nd edition of the "Software Optimization Cookbook"

I amlost bought the 1st edition yesterday if I had not noticed that the 2nd edition would come within 2 months.

Can anyone tell me what are the differences between the two editions of this book? Are there some contents which are deleted or modified in the 2nd edition while still worth to study?

Two months seem too long for me to wait.
Thanks for any replay.

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Greetings from Intel Software Network Support. We'll look into this and let you know what we find out.


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Dear Mallika75,

The first edition has been very popular because readers say it fills a gap between general textbooks on program optimizations and manuals that deal with detailed aspects of the Intel Architecture. Some of the material in the first edition has become slightly outdated, however. The second edition will contain a lot of new material on parallelization with OpenMP, much more important with the introduction of HT technology and multi-core processing, and automatic vectorization. The focus also shifted on how to use the Intel compilers for optimizing an application, rather than directly resorting to hand-optimization. Additionally, all other material has been reviewed and updated for the latest architectural features. As a co-author, my opinion is rather biased :-), but I would wait for the second edition!

Aart Bik

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Dear Abik,
Thank you very much!
So I will wait for your new book.

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