XEON - WaitableTimer Resolution

XEON - WaitableTimer Resolution

The waitabletimer resolution seems to be 16 ms on a 3.2 Ghz XEON processor. The minimum period seems to be 16 ms, while on a Pentium system the resolution is 1 ms. Is it possible to have my HP XEON workstation have increased resolution? I need a 5 ms timer.

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I have escalated this and will let you know when I get a response.

Not surewhat OS you have, but here's some pointers from our engineering team:

On Windows* - QueryPerformanceCounter api call is able to go down to a microsecond resolution or use the multimedia timer APIs these are documented on MSDN*. The other option is to read the rdtsc register directly.This goes well below microsecond granularity (on Intel Xeon Processor it is ~100 cycles per read).

On Linux* - gettimeofday has a microsecond resolution also. So this could be an option.

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//#pragma comment (lib,"winmm.lib")



MMRESULT mr=timeBeginPeriod(tc.wPeriodMin);

//usually, you can increase it to 1 ms :-)

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