Trying to find Intel Application Notes

Trying to find Intel Application Notes

Hi there,
I've come across a listing of some "Intel Application Notes" on another web site (, but I can't seem to find them anywhere on the Intel site. Does anyone know where I might be able to find these? (Specifically, AP-805)


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Hi Daniel,

I could not find this application note on our website anymore either. I could send you a copy of printout that I have (if you dont mind my personal notes in the border). Also, note that in an upcoming paper (see, I show that automatic vectorization of search loops performs quite similar to, and sometimes even better than, hand-coded solution such as found in note 805.

Aart Bik

Greetings from Intel Software Network Support.

A number of the older application notes were removed from the Intel web sites due to their age; some are still archived on the siteand can be found either at theIntel Software College or byusing the site search at

If you cannot find the documentation on our public sites, the Intel Museum may be able to help you. A document request service for discontinued product datasheets, photos or application notes is available at:

Hard copies of discontinued product information are not available from Intel.


Lexi S.
Intel Software Network Support
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Thanks for the help, both of you. I've submitted a request to the Intel Museum; hopefully that'll pan out. If not, I'll fire Aart off an email.


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