SMBus Programming

SMBus Programming

I am working on a project with a WinBond interface chip on an
Intel ICH4-M equipped motherboard where I need to both read to and write from a device on the SMBus. I used a product called HWDirect from EProtek that has helped me do all of my troubleshooting and basic research and development, but now I need to actually put code in place to do this SMBus access.

EProtek told me there is an Intel document that would help with this sort of work; could someone please point me in the right direction for this documentation and, hopefully, give me any relevant information regarding this sort of work accessing a device on the SMBus?

Thank you in advance!

Marshall Cummings

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Greetings from Intel Software Network Support.

This type of information is kept on the Intel Hardware Design web site:

You may also find information at one or both of the following URLs:

If the information you seek is not posted to Intel's public web sites, we recommend going throughyour company'sIntel Representative to request the documentation, or through an Intel Authorized Distributor, listed at:


Lexi S.
Intel Software Network Support
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